Cosmetic Dentistry to Improve Your Smile

There is no denying the fact that an attractive smile provides several emotional, social and professional benefits. If you are not confident about how your smile looks, you may cover your mouth when smiling or even try to hold it back because you do not want people to see your teeth. If this is the case you should consider undergoing cosmetic dental procedures to help enhance your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in the last several years, not only due to advancement in dental procedures and material available but also because patients are becoming more focused on improving their overall health. This includes preventing dental problems and having a healthier, whiter and more radiant smile.

Here are few ways in which cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile so that you feel confident.

Teeth whitening – Teeth can become stained due to many factors including smoking, taking certain medications, age or consuming too much coffee and tea. By using a chemical process known as teeth whitening, cosmetic dentists can dramatically whiten and brighten your smile. It is a painless, safe and effective process in which the dentist uses a bleaching solution to whiten your teeth.

Another Teeth whitening procedure is done using a special laser light known as Hollywood whitening or laser teeth whitening. It is designed to suit individual needs. An IPL laser machine, like those from Australian Aesthetic Devices, can also be for whitening, where a non-abrasive gel is applied to the teeth and then the laser is used to whiten them. This procedure provides more shiny results instead of a chalky white colour. Cosmetic dentists should look at including this procedure in their practice as the results are more enhanced and should look out for IPL machines for sale even though they are a bit expensive.

Porcelain veneers – If you have cracked, chipped, discoloured, uneven or crooked teeth, then porcelain veneers can be used to rectify the teeth and improve your smile. Veneers are thin, custom-made, strong and durable pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth to help create a beautiful smile. Veneers offer an excellent way to whiten your teeth permanently.

Dental implants – If you have gaps in your teeth due to one or several missing teeth, you would probably not like to smile when around others. Dental implants can help replace those missing teeth and enhance your smile. They are artificial roots that are surgically placed into the jaw to replace the missing teeth. Dental implants are strong, durable, long lasting and look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Enamel shaping and contouring – This cosmetic dental procedure involves contouring dental enamel to improve the appearance of your teeth and hence the smile too. This procedure is used to correct overlapping or crooked teeth, chipped and irregular teeth and minor bite problems.

Dental bonding – Bonding materials are used to fill in the gaps or space between your chipped, cracked or broken teeth. If you have gaps in your teeth, the root of the tooth may be exposed and can lead to cavities and infection. Bonding is also recommended for people who have stained teeth. This cosmetic dental procedure can be performed in a single visit and can last for several years.

There are many other ways to improve the look of your smile. With this, you will only be a step away from getting the bright and healthy smile you have always admired. To maintain a bright and healthy smile visit your dentist regularly. A cosmetic dentist is likely to assess the condition of your teeth and recommend the most suitable cosmetic dental procedures.