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Setting Up a Dental Clinic

The thought process of setting up a dental clinic does not germinate in the minds of budding dentists after they graduate, in fact it should and does much earlier. This is primarily because setting up a practice does not happen overnight. There are a lot of time taking formalities involved and it is always preferable to start early and not waste time once you pass out.

Start the process at least on paper about a year before you graduate. Consult your seniors of their plans and even visiting professionals who conduct your classes. That will be experience speaking and you will do well to pick up the initial ropes of starting a clinic from them.

Once you pass out and have officially been anointed a dentist, it’s time to start the ball rolling. The first step is to focus on your objectives, the scale at which you want to start off and your financial capabilities. The best option for you would be to hire a consultant and work out a business plan which will factor in all these variables including marketing strategies. Focus on how much time you would want to spend at the clinic in tune with the earnings that you would project in the first and subsequent years. You gain a head start in your venture simply by following this plan and having clear cut goals in front of you.

The location you choose for your clinic is very crucial and can make or mar your practice. Opt for a place that has a lot of visibility and can attract a large number of clients. While commercial surroundings can be expected to bring in men and women who will slip in during recesses or after office hours, a bustling domestic neighbourhood will also help likewise. Further, make sure that there is plenty of space to create a pleasant ambience. Unlike the usual doctor’s clinics, a dental clinic needs space to house equipment and the staff to move around freely.

Next, consider the expenses for setting up a clinic. Divide the financial outlay into two parts, the first being the long term capital investment in equipment, furniture and fixtures and furnishings and the other being short term running expenses in consumables rent and taxes and salaries. It is always advisable to start on a low scale and keep on adding equipment and dental professionals as you go along.

To maximise the working of your clinic, hiring the right staff is important. Work out the number of people you would want aboard initially. These would include other dentists either as a partner or on a salary basis, dental assistants, helpers and administrative staff. Instead of taking the onerous responsibility of hiring on yourself, entrust the job to a specialised company for labour hire in Melbourne if your practice happens to be in that city. You can be sure that the best in business will be hired on your behalf.

However, even if you follow these loose guidelines, unanticipated issues are bound to crop up. How well you handle them will be a big factor in the success of your clinic.